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Patient Engagement Software For Urgent Care

Provide Convenience. Reduce Anxiety. Boost Satisfaction

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When Patient Engagement Tools are Integrated and Easy to Use, You Deliver a Positive Patient Experience

Simple and convenient, our patient engagement software solution lets patients connect to your clinic digitally. They’re more satisfied. You’re more efficient.

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Optimize Throughput

With texting and online registration, patients spend less time in your clinic, speeding up throughput so you can see more patients. And with increased demographic and data accuracy, you save time and money

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Increase Patient Base

With a simple, seamless scheduling experience that helps you make first-time visitors lifetime patients, you build loyalty—and your client base

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Inform Decisions

Detailed benchmarks on wait times, satisfaction scores, online appointments vs. walk-ins, and ROI, help you make informed staffing decisions and refine processes

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Manage Your Reputation

Mitigate negative patient experiences quickly in near real-time. Experity makes it easy to monitor patient satisfaction, mitigate negative experiences, and share good reviews

VP of Marketing

Experity’s Patient Engagement software solution allows us to understand which clinics are calling people back in the right order.

It allows us to understand which clinics have the time between check-in and registration. It helps us to understand which front desk staff probably needs more training and which ones are the superstars. That’s very important to us because we’re a data-driven company and it really gives us the ability to understand where we need to put our efforts behind.

Tim Kiss
VP of MarketingCRH/PeachTree Immediate Care

Integrated Workflows Mean Better Patient Outcomes

Our patient engagement solution helps you keep wait times down, reduce front desk effort, and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Patients can not only reserve their space in line, online, but complete the full registration process before even arriving in clinic—no paper required.

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Please Patients

Make patients happy with easy online appointments, a quick visit, and a remarkable experience

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Manage Queues

Slot all your patients in one queue to simplify workflows and provide wait time visibility for everyone

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Get Feedback

Measure engagement to gauge your clinic performance and strategically adapt

NPS score, closeup of a patient giving a thumbs up

9 Ways to Improve NPS Scores and Referrals at Your Urgent Care

Building patient trust and improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) can be a challenge in the urgent care industry. Check out our list of ways to connect with your urgent care patients and bring them back for repeat visits.

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Empower Your Patients with Digital Tools

Enable your patients to come into your clinic when it works for them and supply pre-visit information from their mobile device, cutting short the time they spend in the office. It speeds up your workflow, reduces errors, and improves patient satisfaction.

  • Reduce wait times by 80% with smart queuing
  • Earn 3x more reviews online with surveys
  • Register patients online in under 8 minutes
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Teleradiology Support Specialist

Reputation Management + Actionable Insights

Without insight to measure engagement, continuous improvement is hard to achieve. Get the tools you need to gauge your clinic performance and make changes to increase patient satisfaction.

  • Reputation management
  • AI-powered issue tracking
  • Text-based patient surveys
  • Net promoter score (NPS)
  • Team scorecards and engagement
  • Performance insights

Our partnership with Experity has already improved our Net Promoter Score (NPS)

By offering a user-friendly channel to schedule an appointment while waiting elsewhere, rather than in a line outside, our partnership with Experity has already improved our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Dr. Vincent Campasano
Chief Operating OfficerCityMD

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